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US-984452-A: Adjustable measuring device. patent, US-984990-A: Window construction. patent, US-985678-A: Sewing-machine electric motor. patent, US-986029-A: Swab-holder. patent, US-986209-A: Cultivator attachment. patent, US-98650-A: Improvement in cultivators patent, US-986651-A: Space telegraphy. patent, US-987940-A: Burnishing-machine. patent, US-989121-A: Buckle. patent, US-989270-A: Steam-boiler. patent, US-989381-A: Wind-wheel. patent, US-991354-A: Milk and cream capsule. patent, US-991437-A: Shock-absorber for vehicles. patent, US-992561-A: Pruning-hook. patent, US-993999-A: Salt and pepper shaker. patent, US-994983-A: Firing-gear of ordnance. patent, US-995617-A: Spool-cabinet. patent, US-995654-A: Safety device for elevators. patent, US-995820-A: Beer and method of preparing same. patent, US-995915-A: Change-gear mechanism. patent, US-996144-A: Tail-light and traffic-signal for automobiles. patent, US-996550-A: Roller-bearing. patent, US-99660-A: Improved machine for measuring horses for collars patent, US-997242-A: Clothes-sprinkler. patent, US-997977-A: Furnace-casing. patent, US-998575-A: Silo. patent, US-998771-A: Shock-reducer. patent, US-999072-A: Corn-sheller. patent, US-999332-A: Adjustable sleeve-nut and flange. patent, US-999598-A: Door-check. patent, US-999664-A: Adding type-writer. patent, US-B510836-I5: patent, US-B569293-I5: patent, US-D243076-S: Electrooptic timepiece face patent, US-D243625-S: Game cabinet patent, US-D243840-S: Visor for vehicles or the like patent, US-D243869-S: Planter patent, US-D244063-S: Cup patent, US-D244511-S: Design for drapery packaging tray patent, US-D244851-S: Photographic camera patent, US-D245167-S: Splicer for magnetic tape patent, US-D247226-S: Spectrophotofluorometer patent, US-D249807-S: Wood burning stove patent, US-D251113-S: Handwriting slant measuring protractor patent, US-D253046-S: Spider gauge for heavy duty vehicle brakes patent, US-D253368-S: Bathtub patent, US-D255192-S: Table patent, US-D256173-S: Litter scoop patent, US-D257120-S: Border gauge for swivel knife patent, US-D257763-S: Bottle patent, US-D258068-S: Synthesizer organ or similar article patent, US-D258396-S: Forepart shoe sole patent, US-D258726-S: Flexible holder for a dial test indicator patent, US-D261529-S: Combined punch and binding machine patent, US-D261988-S: Packaging container patent, US-D262262-S: Chain saw power take-off patent, US-D263808-S: Display panel for a digital timepiece patent, US-D264207-S: Valve operating remote control device patent, US-D264303-S: Hook patent, US-D265804-S: Pearl necklace or similar article patent, US-D266107-S: Air freshner or similar article patent, US-D266559-S: Body for electric plug patent, US-D267301-S: Nut cracker mechanism patent, US-D267951-S: Wind turbine system patent, US-D269386-S: Dish for animals patent, US-D269652-S: Dual aircraft seat patent, US-D269998-S: Drop sensing unit patent, US-D270287-S: Interlocking component for interconnecting the side panels of a collapsible container patent, US-D271503-S: Toy rocking horse patent, US-D274094-S: Tibial positioning/fixation jig for the implanation of a prosthetic knee patent, US-D274278-S: Display card holder patent, US-D274535-S: Modular calendar patent, US-D276364-S: Electric space heater patent, US-D277708-S: Cart for handling biological tissue patent, US-D278643-S: Reconfigurable toy patent, US-D282990-S: Lumbar support cushion patent, US-D284302-S: Faucet patent, US-D284348-S: Foldable cordwood sawbuck for chain saw patent, US-D284402-S: Surgical stapler patent, US-D286053-S: Data memory module patent, US-D286968-S: Combined set of jars and wall mounted holder patent, US-D287549-S: Tooth-brush patent, US-D288107-S: Eye for figure toy patent, US-D288212-S: Binding machine patent, US-D289146-S: Translucent hand-held blinking device for signaling transporation, such as bus or taxi patent, US-D290343-S: Packaging container patent, US-D291581-S: Engraver patent, US-D291814-S: Apertured spinner for a game board patent, US-D291838-S: Rechargeable flashlight patent, US-D293749-S: Combined cabinet and paper roll holder patent, US-D294332-S: Dual-chambered oil changing container patent, US-D295083-S: Fluorescent lamp patent, US-D295864-S: Electric heating unit for attachment to an automotive oil filter patent, US-D296172-S: Combined desk top and movable CRT support unit patent, US-D296447-S: Square drum with stand ring patent, US-D296527-S: Digital clock patent, US-D296951-S: Sandal patent, US-D297984-S: Foldable bench and drawing board combination patent, US-D299725-S: Vending machine patent, US-D301386-S: Walking shoe patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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